Thursday, October 10, 2013


First writing attempt: The King comes across a cottage far away from the local shifter village. Upon discovering the woman living there he demands an explanation.

The King came across a beautiful cottage. It was surrounded by a vegetable and herb garden and much too small for any of the wolves in the village. He knocked. No answer. He knocked again. Unbeknownst to him the watcher had gone to get his alpha. Upon hearing where the King was headed he shifted and raced towards the cottage. The King was just entering the house when a tiny human came around the corner. Just as he was about to demand who she was the alpha arrived. Coming at her full speed and shifting midair. He landed slightly in front of her, crouched aggressively. She put her hand out to calm him, unsure of what he was so upset about.

"Who is she?" demanded the King.

The alpha growled and started to size up the King. The watcher who had been keeping and eye on the exchange ran to get the pack doctor.

"She is ours" growled the alpha.

"Ours?" questioned the King, "there is no ours. Is she someone’s mate? Why is she here separated from the pack village?" The King wasn’t convinced.

"Ours, she belongs to the pack" claimed the alpha.

"A single person can’t belong to the pack, either she’s a healer or a mate. Which is it?" proclaimed the King.

"She’s our mate" replied the pack doctor. He headed towards them, holding the woman protectively to his side.

" ‘Ours’ as in she’s mate to more than one wolf? How is that possible?" demanded the King.

The alpha and pack doctor smiled at the tiny human as they remembered what took place two years earlier.

Two years earlier…

Tired after finishing up the last patrol and ready to head back to pack lands, the beta’s head jerked to the right.

"You ok there, Beta?" questioned the alpha.

"You smell that? It smells delicious" replied the Beta heading towards the bar. The pack doctor looked at the beta like he was crazy.

"That place smells like sweat, stale alcohol and urine. What is delicious about that?"

"I swear it was coming from over here" said the Beta. He cocked his head to the side as if hearing something. He snapped to attention and started stalking towards the bar. Shrugging, they followed him, grimacing at the smell emanating from the building. Just as they reached the door they saw her.

She was tiny, couldn’t have been more than 5’1" with long auburn hair. It was obvious that she was trying to get away from the guy who was with her. She tugged on her wrist trying to get away. This brought a growl to their throats. Startled, they looked at one another. Shrugging it off for later, they stalked towards where the tiny being stood that was calling to them.

"Is there a problem here?" demanded the alpha.

"Get lost" sneered the man without taking his eyes off the girl.

"How about you ‘get lost’, it’s obvious that she doesn’t want to leave with you." The alpha was having trouble keeping his wolf in check now that he was next to her. She did smell delicious. He really wanted to take a bite.

Finally, the guy looked up, seeing he was surrounded by three massive guys, all looking ready to rip his head from his shoulders, he shoved her at one and stomped off. Anger in his every step. The pack doctor caught her fall and drew her up against him, nuzzling her neck and shoulder.

"Thank you" she said softly as she subtly tried to wiggle out of his arms.

"What’s your name, sweetheart?" asked the beta coming around to her other side.

"My name is Violet. Um, could you release me please?" starting to feel a little claustrophobic.

"Now see here’s the problem with that, sweetheart" started the alpha "It seems that all our wolves think you smell delicious"

"I’m not sure that’s a good thing. You’re not going to eat me are you?" She started to look worried.

"Oh, we’re gonna eat you all right, and you’re gonna love every second of it" smirked the beta.

"Let’s move this to someplace a little more private, shall we?" commented the pack doctor.

"Did you drive here, sweetheart?" questioned the alpha.

"My car is over there in the parking lot" she started to turn to head towards the car, thinking if she could get to it she could go home, hoping they wouldn’t be fast enough to follow.

"Good. I’ll drive" replied the alpha. They all piled into the car and headed back to the village.  

"Ok, so she’s mate to you, your beta and your pack doctor?" questioned the King, skeptically.

"Now that’s where it gets complicated" replied the alpha.

"What do you mean complicated? She’s either your mate or not" snarled the King, getting tired of the non-answers.

"Well she’s more than just my mate or even mate to the pack doctor here. It seems that she is mate to all of our pack" the alpha explained.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean" snapped the King.

"When we first brought her here, we introduced her to the pack, letting them know we had found our mate. Well that caused such an uproar that night that we started demanding to know what was the problem. It seemed that after introducing her all the unmated males were scenting her as a mate, not just any mate, but their mate" the alpha tried to explain. "We put her in the cottage and sat down to talk about it. We sent the females in to welcome her and make her comfortable."

"I’m surprised they didn’t rip her to shreds, her being a human and claiming the top three males" censured the King.

"See that’s the thing, the females love her. The treat her as the alpha female" replied the pack doctor.

"Had you mated her before you introduced her to the pack?" said the King, thinking this explained it.

"No, we presented her to the pack as soon as we got back to the village" replied the alpha.

"WHAT? You brought an unmated human and presented her the pack as your alpha female?" demanded the King.

"She’s something special" smiled the alpha.

Hearing the yell of the King come from the direction of the cottage, the matriarch called over one of the teenage girls. "Can you watch the kids?" she asked. Leaving the children to play, she headed over to the cottage.

"What is going on here?" she demanded. "We can hear you all the way to the village. You’re frightening the children" she scolded. Taking in the group she saw the alpha between the King and Violet and the pack doctor holding her protectively. She shook her head. "Violet dear, can you come here please" she asked.

Violet patted the alpha and stroked the pack doctor’s arm. "Let me go see Ellen" she whispered.

"Fine" sighed the pack doctor, letting her out of his arms.

Ellen hugged Violet and asked her what was going on. "Well I was picking the herbs in the garden when I heard a knock. I came around the side of the house and this gentleman was trying to go in my house. Just as he noticed me Cade showed up and growled at him. Not more than a few minutes later, Jack showed up and they have been discussing how I came to be with the pack. To be honest, I’m surprised [beta] isn't here already." She whispered to Ellen.

"He would have been if he wasn't all the way across pack lands; however, don't be suprised if he arrives here soon. I can hear him now, making his way over."

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