Monday, January 21, 2013

C.H.A.O.S.R.I.S.E.N.: Ninnian

I was so lucky enough to encounter such a warlock. Never would I have imagined that I would have teamed up with someone so evil. But time and time again we have saved each from certain death and maybe some resurrections. I took the time to sit down with her and interview the great Ninnian for C.H.A.O.S.R.I.S.E.N.

Syoko (S): So tell me, Ninnian, what scared you the most when you first joined up with the Horde army?
Ninnian (N): *pfft* scared?!? Was that a real question? I drain people of their life then their soul, I'm the scary one. *evil smirk*
S: Remind me why I let you live?

S: When you need to kick back and rest your aching souls, where do you enjoy hanging out?
N: Well I'm currently in Org for the Winter Veil Celebration but when I'm not attending any events, I hang out in Shrine of Two Moons.

S: Where in Azeroth do you tend to call home?
N: My farm, shout out to Tina Mudclaw btw, love her remodel of my place
S: Such a fluffy, cuddly warlock.

S: Thinking back to all the battles that you have been through, who was your favorite boss to encounter, and why?
N: Ragnaros (MC), I love Ragnaros. It has nothing to do w/ his mechanics and everything to do w/ his dialogue. I even have the Lil' Ragnaros from the Pet Store so I can hear it all the time

S: Let's say that a Fel Cannon so happens to shoot you into the twisting nether, what three objects do you hope to have on you?
N: TBH I don't need anything, I just use my Demonic Circle: Teleport.
S: Reminding me why you are evil and now defeating my questions...

S: Do you happen to have a favorite class other than the one you have chosen? Reasoning behind choosing the class.
N: I have to say the other class I really enjoy is the DK. It is essentially a Plate-wearing Demonology Lock - just gotta love it!
S: And just as evil...

S: What is your favorite moment in your life?
N: Each time I enter a new expansion in WoW, I relive the best moments. Each new world remind me of why I started wow in the 1st place. The excitement and challenge of each new encounter is the best feeling. The 1st step into each new world is my favorite moment.

S: What motto do you live/die by or at least charge into battle with?
N: *Drops Soulwell* Cookie Nin Says Eat!
S: I don't trust your cooking...

S: Being an enchanter yourself, if you could enchant any piece of your gear to be indestructible, what would it be?
N: I would say helm. Most creatures can come back for just about everything but decapitation.

S: What have you liked and disliked about the new world of Panderia and all that is has to offer?
N: I have to say I really like my farm, it's very peaceful. I also have to say Pet Battles are very addicting and puts good use to all the pets I've been collecting over the years. However, I just have to say there is soo much to do that I'm really not able to play all my toons like I want to and Nin is falling behind in her achieves - my one complaint about Panderia is that there is too much to do Loving all of it but too much to try to do at once.

N: Well that's all for now, gotta go kill me a Grinch and loot some daggers
S: Thank you, Nin for allowing me and your fellow fans to spend some time with you.