Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Thank you to Carlie Futch for allowing me to use one of her characters, the inspiration for this story. This story may be a little more graphic than the rest of my writings. It is not an actual portrayal of the original character.
Always and forever, enjoy!

Miyako giggled as she stumbled up the steps. She clung to this stranger who helped her up.
"Are you sure you are ok?" the man asked.

"I’m quite fine." She kept giggling. Miyako leaned in close and kissed him making sure to press her breasts into his chest

The man opened the door to the room. One bed, one light and no windows. The paint peeling from the walls. Nothing fancy, but then again it didn’t need to be.

The man helped her into the room sitting her down on the bed. He took her, kissing her back with passion. She kissed him back, first on the lips then moving to his neck. Tasting his sweet flesh that was soon to be hers tonight.

"Turn off the light and get ready for the wildest night of your life." Miyako whispered into his ear.
The man switched off the light. Both were now covered in the darkness. Mikyako removed her dress. She grabbed the man and removed his shirt and pants. Pushing him onto the bed. She took her time crawling over him.

She grabbed his manhood already erect and began to rub it. Moans escaped from him. She allowed his member to enter her. Waves of pleasure ran through her body, but she could not allow herself to become distracted. She began to move her hips, caressing his member inside her. His breathing becoming heavier, his hips joining in her rhythm. She kissed his chest as he thrust into her. She was nearing completion, she needed to move faster. She moved up his smooth chest and onto his neck. She kissed it, sucked it. The man grabbed her rear and greedily thrust his member deep into her. Paralyzed by pleasure, she needed to focus on completing her task. She forced her hips straight down upon his member driving it deeper into her womanhood, trying to hold him in place. She lost her will and reached her orgasm. His hot liquid was filling her, he too had reached his climax. Miyako’s hand’s gripped the bed, she could no longer take it. She lightly bit into his neck.
"Ouch!" the man peeped out.

"Sorry about that. I get a little rough when I reach climax." Miyako tapped the wound, she could feel the blood gathering on her finger. "Are you ready for round two, my toy?" Miyako playful drew an M across his chest in his blood then without breaking motion circled her finger around his heart.
"Oh you know it. What! What is happening?!"

She felt herself lower onto the bed as the man sank into it. His member was the last to pass through. Miyako quivered as his manhood left her. He was one of the bigger ones, she was sad to see him go.
"Thank you for the meal, Miyako." The familiar voice spoke. "That was your 168th soul you have delivered to me."

"Yes, Master," she said coldly.

"You have 831 more souls to deliver to save your family. You need to increase your numbers and soon. I’m not sure how many more days your mother has left in this world."

"No! You wouldn’t! I will get you the souls!" Tears ran down her face. She would not let this demon claim her mother. "Give me the time, I’ll increase the amount of guys I capture a night."

"Very well then. Your mother still has a few more days left."

Her master’s presence disappeared. Why did she ever make a deal with that demon. This was her punishment for her selfishness and now she had dragged her parents into it. Every night delivering a different guy into his clutches. Her beauty was her curse.

Miyako laid naked on the bed that swallowed her lover. Tomorrow maybe she would capture two guys and then move to a new town before people got suspicious. She thought of the men she had sent to hell. At least she was able to send them to heaven before allowing them to be devoured by her master. Miyako drifted off to sleep in her lover’s, and hers,  juices.

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