Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Skye's Challenger - Excerpt from the Elements Series

Skye ruffled through his desk, his head on the table. When he had full control of his territory he was never this bored. He made sure there was always a war he could lead his troops into. Flash claimed there were bound to be times of battle, but so far Skye had yet to see any and paper work was slowly killing him.


Skye looked up from his desk, a dark haired kid poked her head around the corner of the doorway.
"Yes, Yolanda?" Skye placed his face back down onto the desk. It was just Yolanda, no need to show her that he was busy.

"Nothing!" Still so young and so full of energy. Her tone was always bubbly. He never understood her. So content and happy with anything. She made watching the grass grow exciting.

"If it’s nothing, please let me be. I’m hard at work here." Skye pushed around the messy piles of paper around still not bothering to hold his head up.

"Ok then! OH!! You’re wanted outside!! That’s what I needed to tell you!"

Skye looked up, there she still stood looking around the doorway. Skye still had yet to figure out if she was just ditsy or playing him. “Why am I needed outside?”

"You’ll see! It’s a surprise! Someone is challenging you for your position!"

Skye let his head bang against the desk. “Alright, I’ll be out. Give me a second to warm up.”


Skye heard the scampering of little feet. He still guessed Yolanda aired on the side of ditsy. She has much to learn and she gained her position of power too quickly. Flash should not have let that kid run a country. Either way, there was not much he could do about it. As long as she kept her country’s affairs out of his own.

Skye stood up, stretching. At least a fight to challenge his leadership should wake him up. His heart sped up, his stomach wanted to bury itself in his feet. He was anxious. He had not had to fight since the warring days.

He walked out to the balcony behind his room. An open area designed for the leaders to fly to and from their rooms. Skye took one last stretch then pushed energy down past his feet, lifting him off the ground. Skye tried to remember where the combat grounds were, but took off flying. He figured he would see them from the sky.

As Skye descended into the arena, he could see Diesta, his second in command in the arena. “Oh, is this my opponent?” Skye landed hard on the ground, pushing the earth up and around him.
Diesta had worked his way up the ranks, vocalizing his dislike for him. Skye was his reason why his family had died in needless wars, and he wanted revenge. Diesta made it no secret to anyone in the Earthen ranks.

"Hello, Captain Skye." His voice was dry and harsh. "I will be taking that title, and our country away from you."

Skye was at least proud Diesta was a hardened soldier. A little fun for the day. “You took too long to challenge me. I’ve been bored these last couple of months.”

Diesta raised his hand, “I am Diesta Lorain, Lieutenant of the Element of Earth. I am ready.”

A smile curled around Skye’s lips and he too raised his hand, “I’m Skye Alchymies, Captain of the Element of Earth. I’m ready.”

The refs signaled to start. Skye had to either make him give up or kill him. The referees could always revive the dead after the fight as long as there were enough of the dead to find. Skye hunched over and ran towards Diesta allowing his hand to scrape against the ground slowly collecting it. Skye stopped and picked up the vast boulder he had collected and hurled it at Diesta. Diesta never bothered moving from his position an easy target, but he had hoped the match would have gone longer.
The boulder stopped and hung in the air where Diesta had stood. “You did not think that this would stop me, your lieutenant, did you?”

"I had hoped not. I would have been wondering what kind of soldiers I had." Skye watched as the boulder began to bubble, pebbles were forming and shot out from the rock. Skye pulled up the earth in front of him hoping to create a wall. The sharp pebbles cut through the wall. Skye shielded himself with his arms protecting his vitals as the pebbles sliced through his skin.

Skye lowered the wall to look at Diesta, the boulder spent. He punched his arm into the ground and created a giant hand about Diesta. He still did not bother to move. Skye proceed to pound him into the very earth he controlled. Diesta reached up and blocked the hand with his fist.

"You are not like the other Captains. You never really got to know me. You don’t know how I fight or what I can do." Diesta spoke. Skye could not push the fist any further. "However, I know what you can do. You think everything can be handled with brute force. You don’t put any thought into your actions. Even now, you are in a vulnerable position and yet you don’t care."

Skye watched as Diesta reduced his massive earthen fist into sand. Diesta moved, he ran up to Skye and kicked him across the arena. Skye’s body skipped across the arena, his cuts getting no relief from the sand and dirt invading his wounds.

"I will not have weaklings in my army." Skye shouted pulling himself off the ground.

"Weaklings? You are the one who is weak. You are not fit to rule over our country." Diesta pulled the sand around him allowing the sands to encircle his body. Skye watched as small blades formed in the sand.

Skye concentrated on the ground beneath him, creating an immense pressure. Diesta charged him. Skye would not stand being called weak. He pulled the immense pressure up to the surface and floated the shinny metallic ball in front of him. Skye focused on the ball and shot a stream of the metal at Diesta. Diesta dodged only to be met by a cross stream breaking off from the first. Diesta was pushed into the ground by the hard substance. Diesta jumped back away from Skye and shot a blast of sand at him covered with the tiny blades. Skye allowed the metallic to meet up with the sand and soon mixed the sand in within the liquid metal.

"What is that?" Diesta’s voice rising.

Skye did not bother to reply. He allowed more of the quicksilver to pour from underground hitting Diesta square in the chest. This time he didn’t bother to harden it. Skye allowed its liquid form to coat Diesta then hardened it around him.

"So I’m weak? I might be cut up, but I’m not the one who is dead." Skye felt Diesta through the quicksilver. He would never break these bonds. Earth itself was easy to move but the use of other elements was a much harder technique, not to mention transforming them into other elements. Skye had found the new metal, quicksilver. It was odd, the only metal he knew of that was able to be controlled as a liquid. Skye allowed his lieutenant to squirm, how helpless he must feel. He had to be taught a lesson. Skye tightened the quicksilver around Diesta.

"I give up! I give up!"

Skye crushed Diesta’s body. Blood rushed up from his mouth and spewed all over the ground. Skye’s lips curled.

A ref came in checking on Diesta. There was no point, Skye knew he was dead.

"Hey," the ref came running over, "there was no reason to kill him. He had given up."

"I was making sure I knew I had won. Plus he was my lieutenant. He needed to be punished anyways."

Skye turned around and no longer wanted to deal with this ref. He never saw the reason of giving the contestants mercy. Flash was strange, didn’t he know they would come back and challenge them once again? Skye’s fun darkened thinking of Flash. He would repay Flash for what he had done to him. Living in his shadow, knowing he was better than him. Skye knew Flash’s days were numbers and he would be the one there to claim the victory.

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