Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Who is Syoko?

Syoko grew up in a Silvermoon City, at the time of when the war against Kael’thas and the Burning Crusade took place. Her family earned a high social ranking due to her father being a captain in the war. Sadly, it came at the price of his life.

Syoko dedicated her life to following her father’s footsteps and joining the Blood Knights. She carried his shield into every battle. Instead of making her enemies bow down to her power, she chose to use her power to heal her allies in battle so that their families would have that Father, Mother, Son or Daughter return to them.

After her sojourn across Azeroth, Syoko befriended many allies in her battle against the Scourage. One unlikely friend was a warlock named Ninnian. She wielded dark magic. A source of power the Blood Knights once tapped into but not sought to destroy. However, Ninnian was skilled at her powers and used them to help her allies and Syoko many times in battle. Ninnian managed to convince her to join a guild, Chaos Risen.

The beginning of a heroin’s tale. With the guild’s aid and her aiding the guild, they led many raids upon the Scourage eventually ending the Lich King’s tyranny.

Syoko saw a new era as the Aspects sacrificed their gift to destroy one of their own. She helped tame the Elements and brought peace to the Emerald Dream. Now with new allies in the mist, the Panderan bring many new plants for her collection. Mixing up new concoctions to help aid her fellow guildmates.

With Orgrimmar now under siege of another Tyrannical leader. She readies shield and mace to protect those she loves, her heritage, her homeland.