Monday, October 7, 2013

Letters to Her Soldier by Hazel Gower

In Love with her Best Friend's Older Brother

3 out of 5 Stars

I received this a copy of this book from an author giveaway.

It was a slow start. I know many plus size heroines feel bad about themselves and are down on themselves but the excuses she came up with why he would want her felt appalling and her accepting that it was ok for him to "use her" was just unacceptable. They jumped right into the sex despite the fact that neither of them seemed ready. She's supposed to be seeing the doctor at the hospital and he wants to marry her not just a quick fling. The emotional depth in the beginning was shallow; it wasn't until about midway thru the book that the story started to deepen into a relationship. The romantic gesture he planned was beautiful, up until she ruined the moment. Even better was when his mom invites his rival to his coming home party and everyone knows it but her...awkward. It took a while but they finally got it together at the end and acted like adults instead of hormonal teenagers.

Would you recommend to a friend: I just couldn't get into this book, so I wouldn't recommend this one. I would recommend Hazel Gower as an author and would definitely buy more of her books, though, especially her Bears Series.

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