Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Through the Portal

"Are you sure this thing is safe Ninnian?" Syoko eyed the demonic portal into the aether.

"Oh yes, yes. It is perfectly fine for the umpteenth time," Ninnian said pushing Syoko closer to the portal.

"Yeah, but that last portal I came out on the other end with my head facing my back!"

"Oh but I got it fixed, right? It's fine. Nothing my magic can't fix!"

Ninnian pushed her through green abyss. Syoko felt herself being pulled through the darkness, so far from the Light. It felt dirty. She was still uncomfortable with trusting a warlock but Ninnian had never steered her wrong.

Syoko was drawn to her destination that Ninnian had prepared. They were scouting out a new region under Azeroth newly made by Deathwing. It was supposedly untouched, even after his fall.

"Hear.. Feel... Think..."

"Ninnian, is that you?" Syoko cried out into the abyss.

"Hear... Feel... Think..."

"Nin, stop it!! So help me I will 'cleanse' you again!"

Syoko was jerked about. Now where is this crazy warlock taking me?! A light opened ahead. She was more than happy to be out of the dirty, Light-ridden place. Trees spread out in her view. A sky dotted with clouds blanketed the area.

"I thought this was suppose to be a subterranean area." Syoko looked over expecting to see Ninnian beside here. A battle was taking place and where Ninnian should have been standing, a tall figure resembling a Night Elf stood in her place. She immediately guarded her self and put some distance between them.

"What are you?! Help us! Can you heal?!" The Night Elf wanted her help?

"Yes, I can." Syoko reached back grabbing her mace. "What the..." A weird sensation ran up her back. She turned. She had sprouted a tail! She was going to make sure that warlock wouldn't be able to sit for weeks!

Syoko joined the battle with her Night Elf cousin. She touched the Light. It felt... thick. More abundant and took more restraint not to smother her targets with its grace.

The battle won. Syoko looked around for any sign of Ninnian.

"Salutations, Adventurer. I am Noelle Pellicier. I thank you for answering my call for help."

"I am Syoko Alchymes." Syoko bowed her head in honor. "What do you mean I answered your call for help?"

"I summoned you here out of the Aether. Normally I get Fey or other creatures but you came through the portal this time."

"I did? Where am I, cousin?"

"Cousin? We are not one in the same. You are a Miqo'te and I Elezen. See?"

Noelle grabbed her cat-like ears. Syoko began to purr as her touches were soothing to her. "I've always wanted to do this."

"Stop stop!" Syoko pushed her away. "So I'm no longer even a Blood Elf."

"Blood Elf?"

"A long story short. I was traveling through the Aether by a friend of mine. She seemed not to only change my heritage, but what realm I reside in."

"Well then traveler," Noelle hugged her close. "Welcome to Eorzea."