Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Who is Ninnian?

Ninnian is a Sin'dorei (Blood Elf) Warlock, I started her when I came back to WoW after The Lich King expansion was released.

Soon after she was created, I joined Chaos Risen. After joining in March 2009, I have spent the last few years working my way up to the position of Hand of Chaos. As second-in-command, I had many responsibilities: Guild Bank, Social Media, Raid Leader, Secretary. I helped create and maintain our FB page and websites. I organized our guild bank and kept it stocked. I lead Black Team thru the icy North to assault the Lich King in Icecrown Citadel  and all the way to the Maelstrom to defeat Deathwing after the Cataclysm. All guild and officer meeting notes/minutes were recorded and posted for those who couldn't attend. After all these years of playing, I have decided to take a break.

The city of Orgimmar is under siege and Garrosh's downfall is nigh. Many a night, I gathered with my guildies to defeat those who were bent on the destruction of Azeroth. Sadly, the spark is gone; I have lost the desire to raid. The WoW community has changed much over the years, lately it seems that the only thing that matters is the DPS meter. Talent, skill, gear...none of it matters in the face of flashy numbers. Too often, those who play feel it is acceptable to put down and harass players during encounters. Zerg is a play style that has become more and more prevalent while Blizzard continues to cater to those who demand instant gratification and power leveling/gearing.

Ninnian has spent a number of years building both her character and her circle of friends within her realm. Many a friend has partied with Nin while we invade the Alliance Inn in Dalaran. WoW has always been a social game for Nin: friends to do retro runs, achievement whores spending hours plotting and rep grinding, xmog goddesses who scavenge for those rare recipes and gear to twirl and spin down the catwalk, and pet collectors showing off that rare pet that took hours to capture. So many fond memories to reflect on.

The time has come to move on, at least for a little while. Perhaps, there will come a time when Ninnian is ready to once more pick up her wand and call forth her faithful demon, Flaafazag, and protect the Azeroth she has grown to love. For now, Al diel shala.