Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jared & MaryAnn

First writing attempt: Jared and MaryAnn are shifters living on a planet prejudiced against them. As MaryAnn is trying to get home one night, after dark, she is captured by Jared the captain of the guard.

The girl sat quietly hoping not to be noticed, knowing if she could escape detection for just a little longer the danger would pass. Blending was a way of survival for her people. Detection lead to slavery, degradation. The males of her species were used as gladiators in the sports arena; fed scraps and forced to fight to the death against their own - a horrifying, soul destroying way of life. The females of her race, if caught, fight to the death rather than surrender to their own fate - slaves, sexual toys in the most hardcore of whorehouses.

A worse fate awaited her, the captain of the guard had taken to watching her. His interest endangered not only her but her entire family. Her beast's longing for her mate was demanding but the human side understood that non-shifters didn't always feel the bond, couldn't accept their mates. When he tired of her, he would pass her amongst his men, a toy to be taken out and shared among others. Her beast would not stand being passed among his men, she would fight and many guards would die. The retaliation against her family would be swift and merciless. Knowing her mate was so close but unable to go to him, her heart ached with sorrow.

Silently, she stalked through the shadows, slinking throught the alleyway. "Where do you think you're going, little girl?" Jared's hand covers her mouth before she can react. "Did you really think you could get passed me undetected, MaryAnn? You know the dangers of being out so late, yet here you are. You're mine now." She can feel his possession wrap around her as he breathes the claiming words in her ear, dragging her farther into the shadow of the buildings.

He called out to his second-in-command, "Take over, I'll be back in the morning." Turning back to her, he hissed, "Stay silent until we reach my home." Upon arrival at his home, Jared released her. "Call your parents. Let them know where you are and that you've been claimed." Still in shock, she walked over to the console and activated the video chat. "Call MaryAnn's house," she hears over her shoulder. Upon answering, her mother takes in her surroundings, including the tall man behind her with his hands on her shoulders. As her mother pales, Jared states, "I need to speak to your mate".

At these words, her mother goes ghostly white and rushes off to get her husband. MaryAnn sees her father come ot the screen, his face resigned.

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