Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Release Day Review: Dark Wolf (Carpathians 25) by Christine Feehan

Dmitri and Skylar

5 out of 5 Stars

IT'S HERE!!!!! Ok, so now my anticipation is over. I got this last night at around 11:30p ish and I stayed up until 5:30a reading it. I couldn't put it down. I love all the Carpathian books but this one has been a long time in coming. I love Skylar and Dmitri. I can't wait until the next in the trilogy (Dark Blood) comes but for now I'm still fan-girling over this one.

I love that Skylar, Joseph and Paul were able to do it by themselves (they are definitely underestimated by the other Carpathians). I'm glad that Skylar was finally able to break past the last of her reservation and accept her past and abilities. I am glad that there was a "failure" (according to Skylar) during their lovemaking, just to show that even though they are lifemates, trauma doesn't disappear that quickly. It's a tribute to her strength that she survived mostly mentally intact but she definitely still has a way to go. I am constantly amazed by the characters in this series. The amazing things they can do, such as their healing - both emotional and physical, are just awe-inspiring. It keeps me clinging to the edge of my seat to see what they will be able to do next, especially the women. They have such amazing gifts and its great to see them in the spotlight.

I'm sad the Lycans are having issues with the Lycan/Carpathian hybrid differences. It would be nice if they could come to an alliance. You know the first (and last) time they come after MaryAnn or Skylar, well....it's just not gonna be pretty. They are lucky that they haven't been annihilated for the trauma they've already caused. I doubt the twins or the De la Cruz brothers will hold back a second time. The Lycan council needs to get their heads out of their backsides and deal with there drama.

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