Friday, January 31, 2014

It was a good day...

It was a quiet evening in the guild hall. Syoko was feeling at home with her guild mates. The time off to adventure by herself took its toll but nevertheless, it felt great to be home. Syoko met up with some of the new promising guildies.

Syoko heard someone yelling over the crowds in town:
"Here ye, here ye! Come join Chaos Risen and help me with my fight against the great Otoah!"

"Polywiz? Help you fight against the great Otoah?"

"Yeah, she keep biting me!"

"Oh is that so."

Armuna was walking up to Polywiz and Syoko when Syoko pointed at her.

"Ok, so this is what you do, Poly. You grab Armuna here." Syoko proceed to pick up Armuna.

"Hey! What are you doing!" She screamed.

"And then you toss her at Otoah when you see her coming for you."

Syoko tossed Armuna across the alleyway.


"That way, she will be dazed and confused. And this is where you take your chance and run!"

"But will that work?" Polywiz silenced his recruiting efforts.

"I'm sure it will work! Right, Armuna? Armuna? I wonder where she went. I know she was here just a moment ago."

Later that night, Polywiz and Syoko set in motion their plan of attack on Otoah. As Otoah zoned into the guild hall.

"Hello everybody."

"Now, Poly!"

Both Polywiz and Syoko picked up Armuna flinging her at Otoah.


"What the?"

"RUN!" Both screamed as they bolted for the Guild's doorway.

"Oh no you don't!" Otoah with her mighty strength caught Armuna. "Are you ok, Armuna?"


Otoah tossed Armuna back at the bumbling duo knocking them into the door way.

"So, you two thought you could get away from me?"

"No, Otoah! It wasn't my idea. It was all Syoko's plan. Bite her! I had nothing to do with it."



On that day, everyone in guild learned not to cross Otoah.

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