Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Visit to the Guild Hall

Ninnian stepped out of her house into the Four Winds. Checking the orders for the farm, she saw several orders were overdue to be planted. After planting her farm, she transformed into her dragon form and set off for the Vale. Much has changed since the Gate to the Vale was opened. Garrosh had tainted this once beautiful land with his war machines and greed. Touching down in her dragon form, she morphed back as she strode through the doorway of the Shrine. After a quick check of her mailbox and bank, Ninnian set off once again, wondering what to do. Lately, she had been getting restless, her feet itched to explore new lands and conquer new enemies. The current regime was dulling her edge.

Syoko, she thought, she'll know where the action is. Hearthing to the guild hall, Ninnian came to a screeching halt. She blinked, surely she had not been gone so long as the vision before her implied. She looked around, but could see no familiar faces. Striding forward, she skimmed the guild roster. Where was Syoko's name? Her long-time comrade's name was no where to be found. Shaken, she looked for any familiar names, perhaps they could tell her where Syoko had gone. Spying one of Hell's alts, she shot off a quick message. "Where did Syoko go?" Not long after, the reply came: "To Hyjal". To Hyjal, what was she doing on Hyjal?


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