Friday, January 3, 2014

Necessary Roughness by Ann Jacobs

This paperback includes books 1-4 of the Necessary Roughness series by Ann Jacobs. I won this book in a giveaway.

5 out of 5 Stars

I was frustrated with the heroine's ex. Identity confusion is hard but he was just a douchbag about it. The hero's ex just needed to be slapped for cheating. I love the idea of Rebel's Roost. I loved the inclusion of charity, too. Although, the couple was a cliché (model and football player), their kinks dove-tailed beautifully, giving the story a nice twist. Love the ending!

End Run
This was a nice IR BDSM story. I was intrigued by the idea of male chastity. Their intro to their later temporary third was intense and I'm happy that he found his correct partner. The M/M scene was nice.

Best Reception
There was a lot of hard truths in this story. The seriousness of the head injuries to football players was really highlighted in this book and I'm glad. It is a dangerous sport and there are serious consequences when you don't pay attention of your body's limitations. The heroine was a pure submissive and that made it very hard, if not impossible to leave the Dom who was abusing her. I'm glad she was able to recover and find love with a better Dom, especially after their almost disastrous first attempt. I'm love reading about Shibari, such a beautiful expression of art and kink.

Prime Defender
This story is probably my favorite out to the series. Matt Rubin is a big man and although his wife is a BBW, she's also smaller than him (it's the Asian in her) and his tragic past leads to him fearing that he will hurt her. I love that he is able to switch, just enough to force her to take care of herself and recover. I also loved that he attended therapy while she was recovering to help deal with some of his personal issues (so they could have a baby). While pony play isn't my favorite kink to read about, it does bind them together and gives you a gauge for their personal fitness. I loved the scene where they renewed their vows, beautiful, just beautiful.

Would you recommend this book?
The author does a wonderful job on introducing the players and their significant others in each previous book as well as staying connected to all the couples throughout the series. I would definitely recommend reading this series.