Saturday, March 1, 2014

Shopping Trip

*Somewhere in the Middle East*

Looking at the mirror, she smiled, no one would recognize her. With her burqa covering her from horns to feet, she could pass as a local human, no problem.  Now to the market. Turning to her bodyguards, she checked that their horns were tucked into their turbans. Satisfied that they wouldn't stand out, she headed towards her litter.

Listening to the noise of the souq soothed her. Signalling a halt, she was helped to stand. Bangles, bracelets necklaces and perhaps a sweetmeat or two were on her to buy list. Taking a step forward, her guards fell into place flanking her sides and back. Moving from stall to stall, she haggled and bargained throughout the afternoon. Looking at her purchases on the way back, she sighed. These would be perfect.