Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pity Party

Looking around, I sighed feeling out of place and overwhelmed. This human realm was so...NOLA so different from Rothkalina. What am I doing here? This despondency was such a pain.
The emptiness was getting hard to bear. Feeling on the outside was nothing new, but looking around at all the happy couples was just depressing. She thought of calling Zoe, but having to explain that she was feeling sorry for herself for not having a mate, was not a conversation she wanted to contemplate. No need to dredge up old hurts. She was happy for her brothers, really she was. After so long though, hope was getting a little thin on the ground. With everyone finding a mate this Ascension, was it too much to wish hers was here too? What if I never find him? *shaking off that thought* It must be seeing Holly pregnant. Damn this hormonal bs.
*cracks neck*
Time to shake off this pity party crap. Dialing up Sabine on her phone, "You and Melanthe feel up for some fun tonight? I feel the need to go release some steam."

Sabine moved restlessly through the big house that she and Rydstrom kept in NOLA, her footsteps echoing through the empty rooms. He was so busy lately working to bring Rothkalina into modern times and she had needed a break from all the construction and chaos. She wasn't feeling neglected, far from it, but she had loved being in NOLA when they first got together and had wanted to explore the city more. It also gave her the opportunity to spend time and get to know her sister-in-laws more. She had already seen Holly who was practically glowing from her pregnancy. She wanted to make sure to make time to get something for the twins. She smirked...ok...she had to make time to BUY something for the twins. Rydstrom would kill her if she didn't pay for it.

She had yet to see Mia and Zoe. Rydstrom adored his younger sisters but she had to spend a lot of time with them. She had said as much to him and how she wished they would find mates of their own. He had warned her not to play matchmaker on her trip here. She smiled...she would try to refrain. But she still wanted to see them. Determined to find them, she went in search of her phone. Finding it on the desk in the study she reached for then jumped as it rang. Picking it up, she smiled. "Hello Mia...I am definitely up for some fun tonight!! Come on over and let's see what kind of mischief the Woede women can get into.

*smiling as she hung up the phone* Hmm, what to wear, what to wear. Heading to the closet, I started tossing outfits on the bed. Too bright, too short, too formal. Ahhh there it is, perfect! Flipping the scarf over my shoulder, I head out to Sabine's place.

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