Thursday, December 5, 2013

Immortal Flames Promotion

Awakening from slumber, Noelle stretches, leaving her comfortable bed. Summoning her retainer, Ninnian, she checks on her items selling at the Ul’dah Markets. After ascertaining her inventory is indeed selling, she dismisses Ninnian, with praise, back to the markets to continue her work.

Leaving her room, she heads down to the Steps of Nald. Waving to Momodi, Quicksand Proprietress, on her way out, she sets out to meet Garion Strife, a Hyur male guild mate. She reaches out, touching the aethernet shard, and blinks out. Feeling herself pulled through the aether, she reappears at the Ul’dah Aetheryte Plaza. Looking around, she does not see him. Now where did you run off to, she wonders. Contacting him through their link shell, “Garion, where are you?” Rather than answer her, she sees a group invite pop up. Accepting, she sees he is once again at the Sapphire Avenue Exchange, in the Steps of Thal. Heading over, she watches him craft. “Are you going to spend all day at your anvil?” 

Ignoring her as he continues to craft, she starts to get bored. Thinking about what to do, she sets off to check in with the Immortal Flames, looking to see if there is any way she can help. Accepting the list of needed provisions, she heads back to the Sapphire Avenue Exchange to start crafting. First up, food. Gathering the materials from her retainers, she grabs her pan and knife and starts to cook. A little taste here, a little season there...and complete! Next, some gear. Stitch some clothes together for the casters. Hammer out some heavy armor for the tanks. Lastly, some weapons to arm the damage dealers. Wands and lances made of wood from the local trees. Back at the Personnel Officer, Noelle hands over the items.

"By the power vested in me, I hereby appoint to you the rank of Flame Private First Class. May you fight to the last for coin and country!"