Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Werewolf Queen

A werewolf queen comes but once every thousand years. This human woman you are hiding is her. Packs are always stronger led by a queen. Others will try to kill her when they find out. Others will try to steal her and force her to mate. The stronger rules those who are weaker. She is the most powerful, not be cause she is strong, but because any can breed her. Usually when she is born, she becomes mated to the king. The king then allows the unmated alphas to visit and sire their heirs with the queen.

The alpha growled at the king " no way are you taking her," he narrows his eyes, "especially s a breeder". The alpha's eyes flash yellow, "you speak as if she should be your whore, not a mate."

"She is not my mate, yet. I simply state what has been done in the past. It has helped to keep the bloodlines, strong and pure."

"If that is the way you think, I will not allow you to take her. You deny her proper matehood, therefore, she will never be yours."

"And when she needs more than what you can give her," questions the king.

"I will meet with the other alphas wearing her scent. Their reactions will determine friend or foe. Those who are accepted by her will become allies. None, but ourselves know what she is."

"She has chosen those who are not alpha," the king points at the beta and pack doctor.

"After the alphas return to their territories, we will visit and watch for other candidates."

"You would be okay with sharing her with so many," the king queried. "Who would be her mate?"

"I did not say it would be easy," snarled the alpha, "all decisions are in her hands."