Friday, December 27, 2013

First Day of Snow

This is a small glimpse into the life of Felicia and on the Island, Etlantis. If you have not yet read my first book, that's ok. You should be able to follow along without knowing all of the story. There is still yet another book that deals with Felicia's back story and sort of hints at it here. With it being that time of year (snow and ice), I choose something a little festive to share. Furthermore, I hope you enjoy and I hope I peek your interest.

Felicia took her time walking up the spiral stair case in the center tower. Weather was quite special on the island. Since they were removed from the outside world, they scheduled weather around the needs and wants of the citizens. With the shift in the Earth, any precipitation was now required to be snow.

Felicia took great pride in her work. Unlike her niece, Yolanda, who made it rain soaking everything on the island, her snow would lay a warm blanket upon the town. The light making her handy work gleam and sparkle. Reaching the top platform of the spire, she looked around at the town laid out before her. She took in a deep breath. Not the normal crisp air for snow to be present in, but her snow would last in the 70 degree weather. Felicia began removing her clothing, striping down to only but a revealing low cut shirt, her midriff bare. And a tiny piece of fabric to cover her lower half. Unlike her other siblings, she had to wear multiple layers of clothing so as to not accidentally freeze her surroundings. Even the ones who studied ice and snow under her were still fortunate enough not to deal with her "curse".

Felicia's temperature dropped. Her skin faded to blue. She hugged herself trying to hold out a bit longer. She curled up on the platform to keep what little heat she had left within her. She began to tug on the atmosphere. Pulling the heat into her body. Felicia began to uncurl and lay flat upon the platform. She drew in more of the heat from the atmosphere into her body. The warmth radiating in her. Ice crystals began forming above. It was about to snow. She watched as the first snow flake formed and fell from the sky. Felicia crawled to the edge, continuing to watch the little snow flake. It fell until she lost sight of it down below in the town. She smiled. She was warm. Felicia stretched out drawing in more heat, more snow flakes began to form. Felicia giggled to herself.

She gathered up her clothing and descended back down the stair case. It was a few days just before Christmas. Why not give them a few extra inches of snow? It would be a white Christmas. She kept drawing in the heat. Skoob always made sure it was regulated between 50 and 70 degrees. She could keep continuing siphoning heat. She would stop until someone noticed and yelled at her.

She reached the bottom of the stair case and opened the door to the outside. The snow already had covered the island. Felicia grinned in excitement.


"Yes, ma'am?"

Annibelle stood up from sitting on the ground. Her lieutenant faithfully waiting on her hand and foot. Her fur jacket already pulled up around her.

"Take my clothes back to the office. I'm going to enjoy a little walk."

"Yes, ma'am," she said taking her clothes. "And if I may say, it looks beautiful."

"I know I do, " smiling at Annibelle as she ran off to their building. Whispering to herself, "I know I do."

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