Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lure of the Blood (Lure Series 1) by Doris O'Connor

Congratulations to Doris O'Connor! Today is the 2 year anniversary of the publication of this book! Hip, hip hooray! Have a great day! Now on to the review.

A Jerk, a Jackass and a Stripper

5 out of 5 Stars

I won this book in a giveaway.

What did you like?
It was nice that the heroine learned about her parents, even though the circumstances were sad. Glad she gained some family even if he was archaic in his attitude towards her. The love triangle was a good way to ratchet up tension but I am glad it worked itself out.

What did you not like?
The rules of the Elders suck big-time. I was also a little annoyed by the hero, for His behavior for most of the book. The vampire went too far with his passion for the heroine. There were a lot of secrets and that caused a lot of drama and agitation, making me want to slap the characters.

Would you recommend this book? Absolutely, it was a great read.