Thursday, February 13, 2014

NBC Flash Fiction Jan. 2014

Written Prompt (Phyllis Williams - FB): I love roses especially on a lady. I love the way they smell. He bends over and slowly breathes in her scent. He whispers in her ear...You are intoxicating. The plans I have for you...
Write a short story (200 to 400 words) based on the picture.

He brushed the petals down her torso, watching her face as she absorbed the soft, gentle caress. "I've finally got you covered in rose petals. Isn't that what you wanted, my dear?" She shivered at the anger in his voice, so at odds with his gentle stroking. She felt the bed dip as he brushed his mouth to her ear, "You want to be mine, don't you, pet?" Confusion swamped her. She didn't understand why he sounded so angry. He asked her if she trusted him. She did, physically, but she was staring to have doubts about the safety of her heart. Tears slipped free, dampening the blindfold. She waited so long and she loved him so much, why was he tormenting her like this. Seeing the anguish on her face and the rapidly dampening cloth, his expression softened. "Oh, darling girl" he crooned as he gathered her in his arms. massaging away the marks the restraints had left on her wrists. "What am I going to do with you, foolish girl." [word count 172]

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