Friday, August 28, 2015

Cool for the Summer Symposium w/ Laurie Roma

First of all, thanks for having me! I'm here to talk about my favorite genre: paranormal romance. This includes (at least for me) everything from aliens to shifters to vamps to fae. It's a crazy world(s) out there to explore and there is always room for more. What I love best about paranormal is that you can mostly make your own rules. As long as the backstory is good and the mythology isn't too overly complicated or obscure, you're good to go.
Now, I love to read a variety of things so while paranormal romance is my go-to, I also love contemporary romance. Lately, there has been a well spring of step romance and I've been happy to read and read and read. I know that this isn't everyone's cup of tea and the idea of "relatives" (although they aren't legally related) freaks people out. What I love best about these stories is that the MCs find love in unconventional places. I think that love shouldn't be limited to what others out there think is right/wrong. If it feels right to you and no one else is getting hurt, follow your heart. It is your life to live, not theirs.
With that, I can be found writing reviews of many books in the genres I just talked about on my blog, Discussions With Demons.