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Spotlight & ARC Review: Strathstow Sharks by Mina Carter

Celebrate New Covers for the Strathstow Sharks series by Mina Carter!

Sharks by name, brutal by nature, these rugby warriors take no prisoners...on the pitch or in the bedroom. The Strathstow Sharks series has gotten a new look. Fans of Jaci Burton’s Play by Play series and Kate Angell’s Richmond Rogue series will love this sexy, erotic Rugby romance series by USA Today Bestselling Author Mina Carter!

To celebrate these smokin hot new covers, Mina Carter is offering a special giveaway of a Matt Hampson foundation Calendar. The calendar features the players Owen Williams, Tom Croft, Graham Kitchener, Adam Thompstone, Anthony Allen, Logovi'i Mulipola, Julian Salvi, Tom Youngs, Ben Youngs, Richard Cockerill, Blaine Scully, Louis Deacon & Matthew Tait, all photographed by current UK Fujifilm Photographer of the Year, Brendan Hall of Colour White Photography in Market Harborough.

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Let’s talk about Hookers…

Yeah, yeah…I know where your mind just went but no, today we’re talking about the position of Hooker in a rugby team. The hero of the first in my Strathstow Sharks series, Tom Sexton, is the hooker for the team and like most of us, he has a few insecurities about his appearance (Hookers tend to be a fairly distinct body-type, they tend to be smaller in height, very powerfully built and a with a strong neck/shoulders. Plus they’re very often at the bottom of every bit of trouble there is on the pitch).
So, let’s talk about what a hooker does. They’re a specialist front row position who play a vital role in scrums and lineouts. In a scrum (when half of each team get together and basically shove into each other. The players pack together, heads down and try and win possession of the ball when it’s put into the middle. See b/w image below for an idea.) the hooker is right there at the front, between the two props. His job is to gain possession of the ball with his feet, to ‘hook’ it back through the scrum to emerge at the back.
For the rest of the game, the hookers throw-in in lineouts and carry the ball toward the opposing goal-line, often under relentless and fierce tackling from the other team, to make ground and tire out the opposition (as in wear the other guys out by continually getting up to run again).
Pop over to Amazon for FREE preview of HITTING ON THE HOOKER and be sure to follow the next stop on the tour for an in-depth look at the SWEET TALKING THE SCRUM-HALF. 

Hitting on the Hooker
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: One sexy rugby player. One chance encounter. One explosive night neither will ever forget.

Fern Morgan is done with men. For tonight anyway. Stood up and annoyed, she doesn’t fancy hanging around when the bar is crashed by local rugby team, the Strathstow Sharks. But her escape plans are halted by a cute blond player with a killer smile and a muscled body to die for…

Tom Sexton is the team’s Mr.Sensible. The guy who keeps an eye out for the rest and makes sure everyone gets home at the end of the night. But one look at the curvy little brunette trying to make a break for it and all his predatory instincts go into overdrive. Tom’s done being Mr.Sensible…

The problem is, once he has her in his bed, will he ever want to let her go?

My Review: 
Received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
5 out of 5 Stars
I love the team description: "herding ferrets - ones with ADHD and Tourette's"
The hero is such a softhearted gentleman
Recommendation: Sweet, short read

Seduced by the Scrum-Half
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: Mistaken identity, toe-curling kisses and a passion that sets them both on fire... Fetching her neighbours mail has never been so exciting.

Run off her feet after a few days working away, the last thing Daisy needs is to find the house next to hers sold. Quite apart from the fact she had new neighbours to contend with, she'd forgotten to pick up the mail for the previous resident. What's a girl to do in circumstances like that but hope her key still worked and she could pick up the mail while the house was still empty...

Will Peters can't believe someone is trying to break into his new house, less than five hours after he moved in. Tackling the intruder he finds himself with an armful of curvy, sexy woman who sets his body on fire. Stealing a kiss is just the first of his mistakes...

My Review:
Received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
5 out of 5 Stars
Adorable yet wicked hero. 
Recommendation:  Hot, short read

Playing with the Prop
Purchase: Amazon
Synopsis: Never mix business with pleasure...

A physical therapist for successful Rugby team, the Strathstow Sharks, Ashley's golden rule is never to mix business and pleasure. She loves her job and the guys she looks after, and doesn't want to jeopardise her place with the team. As nicely put together as her charges are, she's never found herself remotely tempted.
Until now.

Harry James, the team's newest prop gives her butterflies in her stomach every time she has to treat him, and her fantasies involving his hard, muscled body and sinful lips keep her hot and bothered at night. Luckily, he shows no sign of having noticed her attraction, and hasn't shown any interest in her...
She's been his from the moment he saw her...

Harry James marked the pretty little physio the first day they met. For the last year he's been biding his time, and trying to get her attention. So much so, it's gained him a few nicknames in the squad. Not that anyone would dare tell her.

When the Sharks win big on Harry's birthday, can he stop at claiming a birthday kiss, or will he want everything she has to give?

My Review:
Received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
5 out of 5 Stars
The hero seems lighthearted but is a dirty talking tease. He's the perfect mix of alpha and sweetheart. It's really hard to remember that these guys are young and in their prime. Sometimes they do something immature and it makes you step back and think. 
Recommendation: A perfect mix of white knight and brutal bad boy.

About Mina Carter

Mina was born and raised in the East Farthing of Middle Earth (otherwise known as the Midlands, England) and spent her childhood learning all the sorts of things generally required of a professional adventurer. Able to ride, box, shoot, make and read maps, make chainmail and use a broadsword (with varying degrees of efficiency) she was disgusted to find that adventuring is not considered a suitable occupation these days.

So, instead of slaying dragons and hunting vampires and the like, Mina spends her days writing about hot shifters, government conspiracies and vampire lords with more than their fair share of RAWR. Turns out wanna-be adventurers have quite the turn of imagination after all…

Connect with Mina at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | GoodReads | Pinterest | Tumblr

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