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Spotlight: Midnight Eclipse (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles 4) by Arial Burnz

Midnight Eclipse Character 
The Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles by Arial Burnz is the saga of Broderick MacDougal following the soul of his true love through the centuries. There are six books planned for the series and this tour highlights the characters featured in the first three books and in the upcoming release Midnight Eclipse – Book 4 – which features Norse shapeshifting pirates.

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Bio: Broderick “Rick” MacDougal
• Born: April 4, 1450
• Crossed Over: October 11, 1486
• Height: 6′ 3′′
• Weight: 220 lbs (15.7 stones)
• Role: Hero and Main Character of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles

Born with a sword in his hand and raised in the Highlands...

...Broderick is a rugged Scotsman through and through! Son to Hamish and Moira, he was the elder of his two siblings – Maxwell the middle son, and Donnell the youngest. In 1478, Broderick’s mother died in battle beside her sons and husband during a raid orchestrated by Angus Campbell and his father Fraser. At Moira’s funeral, Hamish MacDougal threw himself from the highest tower of the MacDougal estate. Though his sons had tried to talk him down, Hamish could not be swayed from his deed and shouted, “’Tis my fault she is dead! I've brought this upon all of you,” before he fell to his death.

Broderick and his brothers had to forge on with their lives and occupied themselves with building their own estates. Maxwell and Donnell both married and had children while Broderick focused on finishing his own holdings of Glenstrae, where he eventually settled in with his own wife, Evangeline. However, during a May Day celebration in 1485 at his manor – with his brothers and their families in attendance – Angus Campbell attacked the estate and slaughtered all in aattendance leaving Broderick for dead. Evangeline escaped and was rescued by a convent. Rescued by Cordelia Lynn Harley and with her assistance, Rick crossed over into immortality a year later, seeking revenge against his clan enemy. Traveling as a Gypsy in a caravan of wagons, he hid his vampiric nature by using his immortal gifts to tell fortunes while he searched for Angus Campbell, who is also a vampire.

Rick is a very accomplished painter, and gets to indulge in this pastime when he isn't fighting for those he loves.

Most Popular Quote from Broderick MacDougal
“I want the taste of you on my soul.”

Facts About Broderick MacDougal NOT in the Books
Immortality, at first, was almost unbearable condition for Broderick in his early years after his transformation. There was a time he was testing his limits and didn't care if he lived or died in the process. One of the trials he put himself through was abstinence from human blood, where he only fed from animals. The lack of intimacy with human life and memories proved to be worse than living with the guilt of killing for blood. It was this trial that forced Rick to bring The Hunger under control so he would not have to murder those from whom he fed. Most Vamsyrians kill their prey. Broderick is one of a handful of his kind who do not kill their victims, and he doesn't know least not yet.