Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fantasy Snapshot

Blindfolded in a room, laid out on a bench, strapped face-down by silk covered rope. You hear footsteps, feel a breeze tickle across your naked flesh.

"Has she been a good girl?" He asks.

"If she had been would she be tied down, Sir?"

"Very well, you may begin."

You hear the woosh of the lash. Pain. "One. Thank you, Ma'am".

"Only a 5 count, my dear"

Woosh. "Two, Thank you, Ma'am" Your head starts to feel fuzzy, drifting.

Woosh. Slurring "Three, Thank you, Ma'am".

You feel a stroke on your face, "Just two more".

Drifting further, your body and mind feel detached.

Woosh. "Four, Thank you, Ma'am."

"Last One"

"Five, Thank you, Ma'am."

You loll on the bench as your Master and Mistress untie you. Petting your face, she cradles you to her naked chest, while the Master puts cooling cream on you back. wrapping you in a blanket, he rubs your feet, while you are stretched out on them beside the couch.

"Such a good girl" they croon. "Beautiful, baby girl. So proud of you."

You fall asleep to the sound of their heartbeats and soothing caresses.